This podcast is from the Book Slam literary club night in London and features live readings, performances and interviews from the event. Check for more details.
Book Slam Podcast 73 (with Shami Chakrabarti, Chimène Suleyman, Jagaara and Laura Bates)

The 73rd and, by all accounts, final Book Slam Podcast finds sisters doing it for themselves and the rest of us too. It features poetry from the brilliant CHIMENE SULEYMAN, ace music from JAGAARA, and SHAMI CHAKRABARTI introducing us to 'On Liberty' - simply essential. There's our hero SALENA GODDEN reading from her exceptional memoir, 'Springfield Road', and we close with the estimable LAURA BATES issuing a rallying cry from her book, 'Everyday Sexism'. Patrick's waxing melancholic, Elliott's waxing his car.

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Book Slam Podcast 72 (including Simon Rich, Mark Watson and Sophia Thakur)

The 72nd Book Slam Podcast features the poetic talents of SOPHIA THAKUR, the comedic intellect of SIMON RICH, discussing his latest collection of stories, 'Spoiled Brats', and the intellectual comedy of MARK WATSON, reading from his truly brilliant novel, 'Hotel Alpha'. Elliott's not funny, Patrick's not smart.

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Book Slam Podcast 71 (with Bill Hillman, Kate Tempest and Viv Albertine)

Book Slam hits new heights with some prime pugilism of the literary variety. BILL HILLMAN (prize-fighter, gang-banger, bull runner) reads from his gripping debut novel, 'The Old Neighborhood', guitarist from The Slits and punk pioneer, VIV ALBERTINE, introduces her memoir, 'Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys' and Mercury Prize nominee and laureate of the lost, KATE TEMPEST, tells it exactly like it is. Cheery? Not quite. Essential? Most definitely. Elliott has the sponge, Patrick's on cuts and Vaseline.

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Book Slam, London's favourite live literary juke joint, reaches three score podcasts and ten. It's all downhill from here. Nonetheless, we remain determined to enjoy the spoken word talents of the brilliant JESS GREEN and truly exceptional music from FIONA BEVAN. What's more, there's an interview with bestselling American crime writer, LAURA LIPPMAN, and she reads us a short story that made our hearts skip. Patrick's into 1D, Elliott's 2D at best.

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Book Slam Podcast 69 (with Kamila Shamsie, Nikesh Shukla and Laura J Martin)

The 69th Book Slam podcast is short, but serious - the perfect accompaniment, for example, for an earnest morning journey from Vauxhall to Old Street by public transport (other journeys and modes of carriage are available). Our old mucker NIKESH SHUKLA reads from his novel 'Meatspace' and discusses 'A God In Every Stone' with its brilliant author, KAMILA SHAMSIE. Music comes from LAURA J MARTIN. Elliott's on it, Patrick's on one.

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Book Slam Podcast 68 (with Elvis McGonagall, Ned Beauman, Emma Jane Unsworth and Benin City)

Book Slam's 68th podcast rushes along like a train in the company of NED BEAUMAN discussing his new novel 'Glow', and EMMA JANE UNSWORTH introducing 'Animals'. There's music from BENIN CITY who put the 'ill' into brillo pads and poetry from ELVIS MCGONAGALL, putting the 'don' into Caledonia. Patrick's got beard envy, Elliott's got every other kind. 

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Book Slam Podcast 67 (with Ben Watt, Francesca Beard, Anoushka Lukas and Will Burns)ake Isaac, Sheila Heti and Nikesh Shukla)

The 67th Book Slam podcast is brought to you directly (and literally) from the studio floor. Guests include our founder, BEN WATT, of Everything But The Girl fame, reading from and discussing his extraordinary memoir, 'Romany And Tom', poetry from the brilliant WILL BURNS, stunning music from ANOUSHKA LUKAS, and a little snippet of our favourite Beard, FRANCESCA BEARD. Patrick is high on Tramadol and Diazepam, Elliott's high on life.

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Book Slam's 66th Podcast marks something of a return to form with lots of clever people reading clever stuff in a clever, but nonetheless engaging, fashion, which nods coyly in the direction of postmodernism before sensibly leaving on the arm of narrative. Quite. The clever include SHEILA HETI, reading from and discussing 'How Should A Person Be', GARY SHTEYNGART, reading from and discussing 'Little Failure', and our dear friend NIKESH SHUKLA, an arse so smart that he provokes in most an involuntary tug of the forelock. Have you read his new novel 'Meatspace' yet? You really should. There's also great music from JAKE ISAAC. Patrick and Elliott are not clever. Some people think they just play thick from some misplaced desire to fit into to an increasingly asinine world. These people are wrong.


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Book Slam Podcast 65 (with Laura Groves, Jonathan Lethem and Dominic Frisby)

The 65th Book Slam Podcast is chock full of fascinating content undermined by some rather low rent banter and lousy production. Sorry. Guests include the brilliant JONATHAN LETHEM, reading from and discussing 'Dissident Gardens', DOMINIC FRISBY describing 'Life After The State' and fabulous music from LAURA GROVES. Elliott's just been for a run, Patrick turns up his nose.

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Book Slam Podcast 64 (with Andy Zaltzman, Sivu and Chuck Palahniuk)

The 64th podcast from Book Slam, London's best night of word and music, is an unusually entertaining one. It features Patrick's hero and satirist for hire, ANDY ZALTZMAN, a song from the excellent, SIVU, and an extract from the phenomenon that is CHUCK PALAHNIUK's story, 'Romance'. Patrick's a little giggly, Elliott's altogether more composed.

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Book Slam Podcast 63 (with Bernardine Evaristo, Dean Atta and Ayanna Witter-Johnson)

The 63rd Book Slam Podcast is noted in society for its hosts' exquisite good taste and pop cultural references from the 1990s (Teddy Riley anyone?). This episode features BERNARDINE EVARISTO reading from 'Mr Loverman', one of our most favouritest novels of recent years, the righteous poetry of DEAN ATTA, and exquisite music from AYANNA WITTER-JOHNSON. Patrick says, 'Am I the man from Del Monte?' Elliott says, 'Not so much.'

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Book Slam Podcast 62 (with DBC Pierre, Matt Okine, Thabo and the Real Deal and Salena Godden)

The 62nd Book Slam Podcast is fuller than a family bucket and arguably more sustaining. It features DBC Pierre, reading from and discussing the brilliant 'Petit Mal', Michael Smith introducing us to 'Unreal City', music from Thabo and The Real Deal, comedy from Matt Okine,and the ineffable Salena Godden's memoir, 'Springfield Road'. Elliott and Patrick reunite in a London studio for the first time in months to remarkably familiar effect.

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Book Slam Podcast 61 (with William Boyd, Emylia Hall, Lewis Floyd Henry and more)

Book Slam's 61st podcast is a transcontinental miracle of modern technology, which visits Lausanne, the 1960s and a festival Wilderness all via the magic of Skype. Guests include William Bond Boyd, discussing and reading from 'Solo', and Emylia Hall, introducing us to her new novel, 'A Heart Bent Out Of Shape'. Music comes from Lewis Floyd Henry and there's original poetry from Chris Head. Patrick is somewhat incoherent down the line from Zimbabwe, Elliott is somewhat incoherent.

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Book Slam Podcast 60 (with Roger Robinson, Noo Saro-Wiwa and Belinda Zhawi)

The 60th Book Slam podcast has a sensibility both African and diasporic, featuring artists from our collaboration with the London African Music Festival. They include Noo Saro-Wiwa, reading from and discussing her brilliant book 'Looking For Transwonderland: Travels In Nigeria', plus poetry from Trinidadian maestro Roger Robinson and gifted Zimbabwean newcomer Belinda Zhawi. Patrick is struggling to stay relevant, Elliott struggling to care.

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Book Slam Podcast 59 (with Simon Rich, Viv Groskop and Ana Silvera)

Book Slam's 59th podcast takes a trip down memory lane in the company of comedian and writer Viv Groskop, with whom Patrick once worked on a 'leading men's lifestyle periodical'. She subsequently went on to better things including her book 'I Laughed, I Cried'. Also featured is the remarkable Simon Rich who was one of the youngest ever writers on Saturday Night Live and looks considerably younger than that. He reads from the excellent 'The Last Girlfriend On Earth'. There is also magical music from Ana Silvera while Patrick waxes lyrical and Elliott simply wanes.

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Book Slam Podcast 58 (with Matt Rudd, Cerys Matthews and Talia Randall)

The 58th Book Slam Podcast finds Elliott abandoned and alone. He appears unfazed. He introduces spoken word from the quite brilliant TALIA RANDALL, plus readings from and interviews with MATT RUDD, author of 'The English: A Field Guide', and singer, broadcaster and now author, CERYS MATTHEWS. Check out Cerys's passion for songs and songwriting - she's an impressive lady. Patrick is not there, Elliott is not all there.

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Book Slam Podcast 57 (with Nikesh Shukla, Will Self, Sara Pascoe and George Ezra)

Book Slam's 57th Podcast is, frankly, one of our better ones. It features a brilliant reading from his novel 'Coconut Unlimited' by our old friend NIKESH SHUKLA; an excellent interview with WILL SELF, a man who puts the 'brio' into 'lugubriousness'; comedy from the SARA PASCOE; and beautiful music from GEORGE EZRA. Elliott is funny ha ha, Patrick is funny peculiar.

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Book Slam Podcast 55 (with Mohsin Hamid, Nadine Shah, Hadley Freeman and Patrick Ness)

Book Slam's 55th Podcast features talk of 'cankles', the oxymoronic nature of self-help, and esoteric idiom. HADLEY FREEMAN reads from 'Be Awesome: Modern Life For Modern Ladies', PATRICK NESS introduces us to his briliant new novel, 'The Crane Wife', and MOHSIN HAMID is 'Filthy Rich In Rising Asia'. There's even truly beautiful music from the remarkable NADINE SHAH. Elliott is the Reverend William Archibald Spooner, Patrick is Mrs Malaprop. 

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Book Slam Podcast 54 (with Niall Griffiths, Olivia Chaney and Sara Pascoe)

The 54th Book Slam Podcast is a brief madness, but no less angry for that. NIALL GRIFFITHS reads from his latest novel, 'A Great Big Shining Star', and explains why he's no misanthropist but high on life, SARA PASCOE's not feeling herself (but her boyfriend may be) and OLIVIA CHANEY just plain blew off our pop socks. Elliott's joined in the studio by SALENA GODDEN (pictured): they have more chemistry than copper sulphate.

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Book Slam Podcast 52 (with David Nicholls, Jackie Kay, Kyla La Grange and Stephen K Amos)

The 52nd Book Slam podcast concludes the most overblown spell of coalitionary self-congratulation since Dave and Nick first tickled each other's fancy. In this case, we continue to celebrate the launch of 'Too Much Too Young: Book Slam Vol. II', with contributors David Nicholls and Jackie Kay reading from their brand new short stories; plus Stephen K Amos introducing his brilliant memoir, 'I Used To Say My Mother Was Shirley Bassey', and live music from Kyla La Grange. Elliott is probably Clegg, Patrick is probably Compo.

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Book Slam Podcast 51 (with Jesse Armstrong, Peter Serafinowicz, Diana Evans and Luke Wright)

Book Slam's 51st podcast sees something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue to celebrate the launch of 'Too Much Too Young: Book Slam Vol. 2'. There are snippets of specially-commissioned, spanking new short stories from Jesse Armstrong (pictured) and Diana Evans, Peter Serafinowicz revisits Lolita 60 years later to filthy effect, and Luke Wright celebrates the oldest pillar of the new establishment. Elliott and Patrick remain trapped in a joyless marriage of inconvenience.

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Book Slam Podcast 50 (with Simon Armitage, Josh Kumra and Mark Grist)

Book Slam celebrates a number of birthdays - the podcast is 50, Scarlet Horley is three weeks and Patrick is precisely twice the age he thinks he is. Literary invention is provided by the ever-excellent Simon Armitage, reading from and discussing his new book, 'Walking Home'; Mark Grist provides a charming counterpoint to any of the worst things you ever thought about poets, battle rappers and, indeed, teachers; and Josh Kumra proves that Swindon has more to offer than ... well ... whatever else it has to offer. Patrick is feeling an old man, Elliott suggests he keeps his hands to himself.

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Book Slam Podcast 46 (with James Sallis, Keaton Henson and more)

The 46th Book Slam podcast is a bijou affair, which finds James Sallis, exponent of classic existential noir, reading from his stunning new novel, 'Driven', and a rare and captivating live performance from that poetic, musical soul Keaton Henson. Patrick is back from his travels, Elliott is less than interested.

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Book Slam Podcast 45 (with Irvine Welsh, Elvis McGonagall, Drums Of Death and Barry and Stuart)

The 45th Book Slam podcast has a decidedly Celtic fringe as we reflect on the launch of Irvine Welsh's coruscating prequel to 'Trainspotting', 'Skagboys'. With poetry from the ever-entertaining Elvis McGonagall, Slytherin magic from Barry and Stuart and age-appropriate proto-rave from the exquisitely-named Drums Of Death, this is much more fun than getting high in an Edinburgh squat circa 1983. There's also a triptych from Irvine himself: an interview with Alex Rayner, a reading from the book and a snippet from the great man's contribution to 'One For The Trouble'. Salena returns as Madame Cholet, Elliott is undoubtedly Orinoco.

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Book Slam Podcast 44 (with Jono McCleery, William Boyd and Martin Figura)

At 44, the Book Slam podcast finally faces up to the realities of middle-age with poet and one time army major Martin Figura, before celebrating a creative Indian summer with our hero, William Boyd (pictured, badly), and contemplating the sheer beauty of it all with Jono McCleery. Elliott gushes with his usual aplomb (take that as you will) and is heard to remark to co-host Salena Godden, 'To think I spent all that time working with a bald, fat bloke. Life is much improved ...' 

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Book Slam Podcast 43 (featuring Jon McGregor, Rachel Rose Reid, Heidi Vogel and more)

Book Slam's 43rd podcast chops the dead wood, sets it ablaze and then burns an effigy of it, on it, so to speak ... Suffice to say, Elliott Jack and Francesca Beard (pictured, © Nick Cunard) introduce Jon McGregor and his brilliant collection of short stories 'This Sort Of Thing Doesn't Happen To Someone Like You', Rachel Rose Reid waxing Dickensian, Heidi Vogel being highly vocal and an ace new short story from Charles Beckett. Elliott steps out of the shadows, Francesca removes his spectacles and says, 'Miss Jones ...'

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Book Slam Podcast 42 (paying tribute to Gil Scott-Heron with Kate Tempest, Salena Godden, Harmonica Music and more)

The 42nd Book Slam podcast bids farewell to the legend that is Gil Scott-Heron and celebrates the publication of his posthumous memoir, 'The Last Holiday'. We're joined by his longtime collaborator Astro/ Harmonica Music, plus poets Salena Godden, Kate Tempest and Ben Mellor. We also say so long to Patrick for a bit. I don't suppose we'll miss him much. Patrick wells up, Elliott cuts him down to size.

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Book Slam Podcast 40 (with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Craig Taylor, Jeremy Dyson and more)

The rip-roaring 40th Book Slam podcast is jam-packed with all kinds of good stuff, including music from the remarkable Izzi Dunn, Craig Taylor reading from his brilliant 'Londoners', poetry from Elvis McGonagall, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie reading from her short story 'Quality Street', and an interview with co-creator of The League Of Gentlemen and Ghost Stories, Jeremy Dyson. Plus! Plus! Pluuussss! An exclusive extract from 'One For The Trouble - Book Slam Vol.1' - a snippet of William Boyd's story, 'Tears Of A Clown', read by the wonderful Olivia Colman (pictured), famous for, among many other things, Tyrannosaur. Patrick loses the plot, Elliott loses interest.

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Book Slam Podcast 39 (with Sapphire, Sound Of Rum and Breis)

The 39th Book Slam podcast features Sapphire, of 'Precious' fame, discussing and reading from her new novel, 'The Kid'; our favourite multi-dimensional writer and performer, Kate  Tempest, and her band, Sound Of Rum; and our old friend BREIS, a brilliant rapper who educates intelligent students (and even an irascible so-and-so). Patrick waxes acronymical, Elliott wanes.

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Book Slam Podcast 38 (featuring El Crisis, Hari Kunzru and Joe Dunthorne)

Book Slam's 38th podcast features handsome, talented and successful authors Hari Kunzru (pictured) and Joe Dunthorne discuss their spanking new novels, 'Gods Without Men' and 'Wild Abandon' respectively. There's also live music from the unique and thoroughly brilliant El Crisis. Patrick gushes and Elliott is mildly embarrassed by the whole thing.

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Book Slam Podcast 37 (featuring Caitlin Moran, Grace Dent, Peter Salmon and Cornelia)

The 37th Book Slam podcast sees super-cool journalists, Grace Dent (pictured) and Caitlin Moran, go head to head with their not-self-help-self-help books, 'How To Leave Twitter' and 'How To Be A Woman' respectively. There's also new novelist Peter Salmon reading from his brilliant debut, 'The Coffee Story', and live music from Cornelia. Patrick and Elliott put the 'mate' into 'amateurish'.

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Book Slam Podcast 35 (featuring Mohsin Hamid, Misty Miller and Shane Solanki)

Episode 35 of the Book Slam podcast includes Mohsin Hamid (pictured), author of the Booker-shortlisted 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist', discussing the paperback publication of his remarkable novel, 'Moth Smoke'. There's also performance and barber chat from poet, prankster and polymath, Shane Solanki, and ripping live music from the supremely talented Misty Miller. Patrick remains sadly misunderstood, Elliott remains more or less incomprehensible. 

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Book Slam Podcast 34 (with Ben Okri, Simon Armitage, Nikesh Shukla, Tanya Auclair, Joe Dunthorne and Philip Wells)

The 34th Book Slam podcast is a bumper edition, with Man Booker Prize-winner Ben Okri discussing 'A Time For New Dreams', Simon Armitage picking up hitchers, and Philip Wells catching alight. There's also our old friend Joe Dunthorne reading from 'Submarine', music from Tanya Auclair and debut novelist Nikesh Shukla discussing 'Coconut Unlimited' and facing up to the robo-charm of Angebot. Patrick is lugubrious, Elliott reaches for the dictionary.

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Book Slam Podcast 33 (featuring Andrea Levy, David Levithan, Eska, Roger Robinson and free audiobooks)

The 33rd Book Slam podcast features 'multi award-winning author' Andrea Levy discussing her exceptional new novel, 'The Long Song', and David Levithan reading definitively from 'The Lover's Dictionary'. We listen to Roger Robinson describe the day the world didn't end, while the extraordinary Eska (pictured) reduces Patrick to tears. There is also a free audiobook for anyone who wants it, courtesy of Audible. Elliott loses his marbles, Patrick loses patience.

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Book Slam Podcast 32 (with Howard Jacobson,Kirstenana, Jackie Kay and a free audiobook for every listener!)

The 32nd Book Slam podcast buys into postmodern identity crises in the company of Man Booker Prize-winner, Howard Jacobson, author of the downright fabulous, 'The Finkler Question', and celebrated poet and novelist, Jackie Kay, author of, 'Red Dust Road', the funniest misery memoir this side of Blair's 'Journey'. There's top live music from Kirstenana and a free audiobook for all listeners courtesy of Audible and the most shameless sellout since that meerkat took the corporate buck. Elliott is funny, Patrick takes the money.

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Book Slam Podcast 31 (with Jesse Armstrong, Rupert Thomson, Hailey Beavis, Geoff Dyer and Luke Wright)

The Book Slam podcast bids goodbye to the year that was, with prose from Rupert Thomson (reading from his extraordinary memoir, 'This Party's Got To Stop'), poetry from Luke Wright, and post-folk poignancy from Hailey Beavis. We also meet Jesse Armstrong, half the comedy muscle flexed on the likes of 'The Thick Of It', 'Peep Show' and 'Four Lions', while acclaimed novelist and critic, Geoff Dyer, squares up to Angebot and the Book Slam Big 5. Elliott is laconic, Patrick bionic.

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Book Slam Podcast 30 (with DBC Pierre, Salena Godden, Ruth Padel and Lewis Floyd Henry)

The 30th Book Slam podcast features the inimitable Salena Godden (pictured) doing an excellent impression of herself, DBC Pierre discussing his latest novel, 'Lights Out In Wonderland' and one-man-and-his-pram Lewis Floyd Henry tearing it up like a poster boy for post-Hendrix. Plus acclaimed poet Ruth Padel faces the fear of Angebot and the Book Slam Big 5. Patrick thanks everyone, no thanks to Elliott. 

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Book Slam Podcast 29 (with Hanif Kureishi, Will Self, Joe Dunthorne, Tariq Ali and much more)

The 29th Book Slam podcast is a veritable jamboree, featuring some of contemporary literature's biggest names; including Will Self reading from his latest book, 'Walking To Hollywood', Hanif Kureishi discussing a new collection of short stories, poetry from Joe Dunthorne, music from Milly Blue and Jesca Hoop, and Tariq Ali facing up to the challenges of the Book Slam Big 5. Elliott's glass is half full, Patrick's half empty.

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Book Slam Podcast 28 (featuring Philip Pullman, Diana Evans, Kate Tempest, Ross Sutherland and Paprika Duo)

The 28th Book Slam podcast includes an interview with Diana Evans talking about her new novel, 'The Wonder', poetry from Ross Sutherland and Kate Tempest (pictured) and music from Paprika Duo. The estimable Philip Pullman faces up to Angebot and the Book Slam Big 5, and Patrick and Elliott trade witty banter worthy of Loose Women.

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Book Slam Podcast 27 (including David Eagleman, Liam Bailey, Kate Tempest, Alan Warner, Obenewa and Akala)

Book Slam's 27th podcast hums and, indeed, dings to the company of David Eagleman, author of 'Sum' and founder of possibilianism. There's Alan Warner reading from his latest novel, 'The Stars In The Bright Sky', poetry from Kate Tempest and MOBO Award-winner Akala, and brilliant live music from Liam Bailey and Obenewa (pictured).  Elliott finds everything funny, Patrick less so. 

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Book Slam Podcast 26 (with Dan Rhodes, Marlon James, Ange Boxall and Jacob Sam-La Rose)

The 26th Book Slam podcast finds Dan Rhodes being very funny as the reads from his latest mini-classic, 'Little Hands Clapping', and Marlon James talking about and reading from his remarkable new novel, 'The Book Of Night Women'. There's poetry from Jacob Sam-La Rose and the brilliant Ange Boxall takes it a little bit country. Elliott's a little bit, Patrick's a little bit more.  

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Book Slam Podcast 25 (with Jonathan Safran Foer, Paul Murray, Malika Booker, Plaster Of Paris, Valentina and more)

Book Slam's 25th podcast finds Jonathan Safran Foer discussing a dog for dinner, Paul Murray reading from his brilliant novel, 'Skippy Dies', poetry from Malika Booker and music from Plaster Of Paris and Valentina. Patrick's just had a baby, Elliott's just had a Cornetto.

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Book Slam Podcast 24 (with Tawiah, Joshua Ferris and Robin Robertson)

The 24th Book Slam podcast meets the charming Joshua Ferris to discuss his astonishing new novel, 'The Unnamed'. There's brilliant and unsettling poetry from Robin Robertson, who reads from his latest collection, 'The Wrecking Light', and live music from post-soul pin-up girl, Tawiah. Patrick and Elliott wax and wane.

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Book Slam Podcast 23 (in the company of Jon McGregor, Dan Antopolski, Josephine Oniyama and Francesca Beard)

The 23rd Book Slam podcast gets busy with the fizzy alongside one of the UK's finest young writers, Jon McGregor, celebrating the publication of his new novel, 'Even The Dogs'. There is also magical music from Josephine Oniyama, perspicacious poetry from Francesca Beard and inspired comic nonsense from Dan Antopolski. Patrick and Elliott are not funny, but appear to enjoy themselves.

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Book Slam Podcast 22 (featuring Lionel Shriver, Andreya Triana, Robin Ince, Paul Lyalls and more) Book Slam's 22nd episode waves goodbye to the decade fun forgot in the company of Orange Prize winner, Lionel Shriver, reading from 'We Need To Talk About Kevin' and discussing her new novel, 'A Perfectly Good Family', poet Paul Lyalls, celebrating the publication of his first full collection, 'Catching The Cascade', the haunting minstrelsy of Ninja Tune's Andreya Triana and the razor sharp wit of comedian, Robin Ince.  Patrick and Elliott glue it all together with the competence of an 8 year-old with an Airfix.
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Book Slam Podcast 21 (featuring Will Boyd, Roger McGough, Don Paterson, David Vann and more) Book Slam's podcast turns twenty-one and, in return for the key of the door, we've come up with a literary bouillabaise featuring novelistic heavyweights like William Boyd (discussing his new book, 'Ordinary Thunderstorms') and David Vann ('Legend Of A Suicide'), poetic heavyweights like Don Paterson and Roger McGough, and intellectual lightweights like Patrick and Elliott.
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Book Slam Podcast 20 (celebrating Speech Debelle's Mercury win, plus James Lever, Steve Toltz and Inua Ellams) We're celebrating Speech Debelle's Mercury Music Prize victory on episode 20 of the Book Slam podcast; plus an interview and reading from Booker-longlisted author of 'Me Cheeta', James Lever, poetry from Inua Ellams and more. Hosted by les idiots savants, Patrick and Elliott.
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Book Slam Podcast 19 (with David Nicholls, author of 'One Day', Luke Wright, Salena Godden and Lettie) The nineteenth episode of the Book Slam podcast is one of the best yet, featuring live music from the amazing Lettie, poetry from saucy Salena Godden and the alternative laureate Luke Wright, plus the charming David Nicholls, author of the bestselling 'One Day'. Hosted by Patrick and Elliott. 
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Book Slam Podcast 18 (featuring creator of The Wire, David Simon, Booker-shortlisted Steve Toltz, Speech Debelle and more) The eighteenth edition of the Book Slam podcast is a bumper episode featuring David Simon, creator of 'The Wire', reading from 'Homicide' and, later, discussing his work, Booker-shortlisted novelist, Steve Toltz, talking about 'A Fraction Of The Whole', poetry from Zena Edwards, wisdom from Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and live music from Bana Etike and hip hop ingenue, Speech Debelle.
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Book Slam Podcast 17 (featuring John Niven, Scroobius Pip, Dockers MC, Tim Clare, the Safires and more) Podcast seventeen from Book Slam is a 'real rock 'n' rolla' ... whatever the hell that means. It features John Niven reading from 'Kill Your Friends', 'cover poetry' from Dockers MC, the estimable accidental popstar Scroobius Pip, aspirational auteur, Tim Clare, and drum 'n' folk from intranational newcomers The Safires. Hosted by Patrick and Elliott.
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Book Slam Podcast 16 (featuring Hanif Kureishi, Nick Laird, Delta Maid, Gemma Weeks, Bridgette Amofah and more) The sixteenth Book Slam podcast is a bumper edition featuring the inimitable Hanif Kureishi, Nick Laird discussing 'Glover's Mistake', poetry from Gemma Weekes, microdrama from Craig Taylor, and live music from Delta Maid and Bridgette Amofah. Hosted with typically disingenuous bonhomie by Patrick and Elliott.
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Book Slam Podcast 15 (with Britain's brightest young novelists, Joe Dunthorne, Richard Milward, Chris Killen and Ross Raisin) This Book Slam podcast includes interviews with Joe Dunthorne and Chris Killen, plus Ross Raisin reading from 'God's Own Country' (Penguin) and Richard Milward reading from 'Ten Storey Love Song' (Faber). There's also quirky comedy from Ginger and Black and the usual tomfoolery and geograhical uncertainty from Patrick and Elliott.
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Book Slam Podcast 14 (with Sam and Jesse from Peep Show, Roger Robinson and an interview with author, Vesna Maric) The Book Slam podcast includes interviews and performances from the event, this month including 'Peep Show' writers, Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, Roger Robinson and Malika Booker. Plus an interview with Vesna Maric, author of the exceptional memoir, 'Bluebird', and a review of Joe Dunthorne's 'Submarine' by Book Slam listener, Claire O'Brien. Patrick takes charge, Elliott takes the mick, both support the Apples and Snakes ground-breaking 'TwoFive' release.
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Book Slam Podcast 13 (with Mark Thomas, Laid Arad and Lemn Sissay) This Book Slam podcast includes the usual highlights from the monthly event. Guests include comedian and activist, Mark Thomas, reading from his new book 'Belching Out The Devil', the poetry of Lemn Sissay, and music from Lail Arad.  Plus Hazel Marshall's review of 'The Believers' by Zoe Heller. Patrick hosts and Elliott talks more than is necessary.
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Book Slam Podcast 12 (featuring Andrew Miller, Zena Edwards and Ben Mellor) This episode of the Sony Award-winning podcast comes, surprisingly, from Clapham. It features Andrew Miller talking about and reading from his new novel, 'One Morning Like A Bird', poetry from Ben Mellor and music from Zena Edwards. Patrick and Elliott, meanwhile, contemplate their potential social mobility.
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Book Slam Podcast 11 (featuring Bernardine Evaristo, Mpho Skeef, AL Kennedy and Chris Cleave) This episode of the Sony Award-winning podcast features an interview with Chris Cleave, author of the criticially-acclaimed novel, 'The Other Hand', plus all the readings, performances and interviews from the monthly Book Slam event; including Bernardine Evaristo, AL Kennedy and Mpho. Also, a review of Louise Dean’s ‘The Idea Of Love’ by Darren Lee and the usual idle blah from hosts Patrick and Elliott.
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Book Slam Podcast 10 (featuring James Frey, Don Winslow, Byron Vincent and Bryn Christopher) The Sony Award-winning Book Slam podcast features readings, performances and interviews with authors, poets and musicians, including highlights of the monthly event at No. 12 Acklam Road, in Ladbroke Grove, West London. This  episode includes James Frey reading from his first novel, 'Bright Shiny Morning', and bestselling US crime writer, Don Winslow, discussing his latest novel, 'The Dawn Patrol'. Plus poetry from the amazing Byron Vincent and live music from Bryn Christopher. Hosted by Patrick and Elliott Jack.
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Book Slam Podcast 9 (featuring Irvine Welsh, Sophie Woolley, Alabama 3 and 'Famous Guy') This episode of the Sony Award-winning podcast comes live from the Book Slam barbecue at 93 Feet East on Brick Lane in East London. Curated by Irvine Welsh, it features performances and interviews with Irvine himself, Adam Buxton (of 'Adam and Joe'), the mighty Alabama 3 and the incomparable Sophie Woolley. Plus the usual stuff and nonsense from hosts Patrick and Elliott.
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Book Slam Podcast 8 (featuring Toby Litt, Kat Francois, Andreya Triana and Lola Jaye) 4The Sony Award-winning Book Slam podcast features readings, performances and interviews with authors, poets and musicians, including highlights of the monthly event at No. 12 Acklam Road, in Ladbroke Grove, West London. This  episode includes Toby Litt reading from his latest novel, 'I Play The Drums In A Band Called Okay', and an interview with debut author, Lola Jaye - her novel, 'By The Time Your Read This', is published by Harper in July. There's also some feisty poetry from BBC Slam champion, Kat Francois, and sweet soul music from Andreya Triana. Hosted by Patrick and Elliott Jack.
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Book Slam Podcast 7 (featuring Richard Milward, Jamie Woon, El Crisis and more) The Book Slam podcast features readings, performances and interviews with authors, poets and musicians, including highlights of the monthly event at No. 12 Acklam Road, in Ladbroke Grove, West London. This  episode includes Richard Milward reading from his debut novel, 'Apples', extraordinary griot wisdom from El Crisis and the sublime soul of Jamie Woon (pictured). Hosted by Patrick and Kenny Baraka.
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Book Slam Podcast 6 (featuring William Boyd, Jacqueline Walker, Toby Litt and more) The Book Slam podcast features readings, performances and interviews with authors, poets and musicians, including highlights of the monthly event at No. 12 Acklam Road, in Ladbroke Grove, West London. This  episode includes, our hero, William Boyd reading from 'The Dream Lover', Jacqueline Walker reading from her remarkable memoir, 'Pilgrim State', and an interview with Toby Litt. There's also poetry from Francesca Beard and music from Zarif. Hosted by Patrick and Elliott.
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Book Slam Podcast 5 (featuring Julian Gough, Salena Godden, Zubz and James Yuill) The Book Slam podcast features readings, performances and interviews with authors, poets and musicians, including highlights of the monthly event at No. 12 Acklam Road, in Ladbroke Grove, West London. This  episode includes Julian Gough reading from 'Jude: Level 1', South African hip hop from Zubz, maverick poet Salena Godden, and new folktronica hero, James Yuill. Hosted by Patrick and Elliott.
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Book Slam Podcast 4 (featuring Will Self, Richard Milward, Tawiah, The Heard and more) The Book Slam podcast features readings, performances and interviews with authors, poets and musicians, including highlights of the monthly event at No. 12 Acklam Road, in Ladbroke Grove, West London. This bumper episode includes Will Self reading from and discussing his work, Luke Wright and Joel Stickley asking 'Who Writes This Crap?', and an interview with celebrated young novelist Richard Milward. There is also live music from remarkable choir The Heard and twisted soul sensation Tawiah. Hosted by Patrick and Elliott.
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Book Slam Podcast 3 (featuring Gautam Malkani, Netsayi, Sarfraz Manzoor and Polar Bear) Book Slam's podcast includes readings, performances and interviews from the monthly event at Neighbourhood in West London. This episode includes writer and broadcaster Sarfraz Manzoor, 'Chimurenga Soul' princess, Netsayi, and poet, Polar Bear. Plus, an interview with Gautam Malkani, author of the remarkable 'Londonstani'. Presented by Patrick Neate and Elliott Jack.
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Book Slam Podcast 2 (featuring Irvine Welsh, Biyi Bandele and UK hip hop maestro, Ty) Book Slam's podcast includes readings, performances and interviews from the monthly event at Neighbourhood in West London. This episode features Irvine Welsh discussing his new book, 'If You Liked School, You'll Love Work'; writer and actress, Sophie Woolley; Biyi Bandele, author of the remarkable 'Burma Boy'; and the don of UK hip hop, Ty. Hosted by Patrick Neate and Ils (DPS).
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Book Slam Podcast 1 (featuring Kiran Desai, Soweto Kinch and more) Book Slam's first podcast featuring readings and performances from the monthly event at Neighbourhood in West London. This episode features Man Booker Prize-winner, Kiran Desai, Mobo Award-winning renaissance man, Soweto Kinch, and spoken word maverick Zena Edwards. There is also an interview with Costa-shortlisted writer, Neil Griffiths, talking about his latest novel, 'Saving Caravaggio'. Hosted by Patrick Neate and Jacob Sam-La Rose.
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