This podcast is from the Book Slam literary club night in London and features live readings, performances and interviews from the event. Check for more details.
Book Slam Podcast 48 (with Mark Watson, Caroline Bird, Nicholas Lezard and Mahalia)

The 48th Book Slam podcast is not just an attempt to board the Olympic bandwagon. Oh no. It includes comedian, novelist and medallist of charming self-deprecation, Mark Watson, reading from and discussing his new novel, 'The Knot'; official Olympic poet, Caroline Bird; and the jaw-dropping talent that is 14 year-old singer-songwriter, Mahalia (or, as we call her, 'the legacy'). There is also Nicholas Lezard reading from his work in progress, 'The Nolympics', which, for all its good sense, may yet turn out to have judged the public mood about as well as Aidan Burley. Salena is bidding for Olympic glory, Elliott is bidding for a Breville on eBay.

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