This podcast is from the Book Slam literary club night in London and features live readings, performances and interviews from the event. Check for more details.
Book Slam Podcast 31 (with Jesse Armstrong, Rupert Thomson, Hailey Beavis, Geoff Dyer and Luke Wright)

The Book Slam podcast bids goodbye to the year that was, with prose from Rupert Thomson (reading from his extraordinary memoir, 'This Party's Got To Stop'), poetry from Luke Wright, and post-folk poignancy from Hailey Beavis. We also meet Jesse Armstrong, half the comedy muscle flexed on the likes of 'The Thick Of It', 'Peep Show' and 'Four Lions', while acclaimed novelist and critic, Geoff Dyer, squares up to Angebot and the Book Slam Big 5. Elliott is laconic, Patrick bionic.

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Book Slam Podcast 30 (with DBC Pierre, Salena Godden, Ruth Padel and Lewis Floyd Henry)

The 30th Book Slam podcast features the inimitable Salena Godden (pictured) doing an excellent impression of herself, DBC Pierre discussing his latest novel, 'Lights Out In Wonderland' and one-man-and-his-pram Lewis Floyd Henry tearing it up like a poster boy for post-Hendrix. Plus acclaimed poet Ruth Padel faces the fear of Angebot and the Book Slam Big 5. Patrick thanks everyone, no thanks to Elliott. 

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Bonus Book Slam podcast with Joe Dunthorne

This month, we thought we'd give you a little bonus for being so good. This is Joe Dunthorne, author of the acclaimed 'Submarine', reading a 'choose your own adventure' story at Book Slam. It's very rude. For that, of course, you must blame the audience.

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Book Slam Podcast 29 (with Hanif Kureishi, Will Self, Joe Dunthorne, Tariq Ali and much more)

The 29th Book Slam podcast is a veritable jamboree, featuring some of contemporary literature's biggest names; including Will Self reading from his latest book, 'Walking To Hollywood', Hanif Kureishi discussing a new collection of short stories, poetry from Joe Dunthorne, music from Milly Blue and Jesca Hoop, and Tariq Ali facing up to the challenges of the Book Slam Big 5. Elliott's glass is half full, Patrick's half empty.

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Book Slam Podcast 28 (featuring Philip Pullman, Diana Evans, Kate Tempest, Ross Sutherland and Paprika Duo)

The 28th Book Slam podcast includes an interview with Diana Evans talking about her new novel, 'The Wonder', poetry from Ross Sutherland and Kate Tempest (pictured) and music from Paprika Duo. The estimable Philip Pullman faces up to Angebot and the Book Slam Big 5, and Patrick and Elliott trade witty banter worthy of Loose Women.

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Book Slam Podcast 27 (including David Eagleman, Liam Bailey, Kate Tempest, Alan Warner, Obenewa and Akala)

Book Slam's 27th podcast hums and, indeed, dings to the company of David Eagleman, author of 'Sum' and founder of possibilianism. There's Alan Warner reading from his latest novel, 'The Stars In The Bright Sky', poetry from Kate Tempest and MOBO Award-winner Akala, and brilliant live music from Liam Bailey and Obenewa (pictured).  Elliott finds everything funny, Patrick less so. 

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Book Slam Podcast 26 (with Dan Rhodes, Marlon James, Ange Boxall and Jacob Sam-La Rose)

The 26th Book Slam podcast finds Dan Rhodes being very funny as the reads from his latest mini-classic, 'Little Hands Clapping', and Marlon James talking about and reading from his remarkable new novel, 'The Book Of Night Women'. There's poetry from Jacob Sam-La Rose and the brilliant Ange Boxall takes it a little bit country. Elliott's a little bit, Patrick's a little bit more.  

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Book Slam Podcast 25 (with Jonathan Safran Foer, Paul Murray, Malika Booker, Plaster Of Paris, Valentina and more)

Book Slam's 25th podcast finds Jonathan Safran Foer discussing a dog for dinner, Paul Murray reading from his brilliant novel, 'Skippy Dies', poetry from Malika Booker and music from Plaster Of Paris and Valentina. Patrick's just had a baby, Elliott's just had a Cornetto.

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Book Slam Podcast 24 (with Tawiah, Joshua Ferris and Robin Robertson)

The 24th Book Slam podcast meets the charming Joshua Ferris to discuss his astonishing new novel, 'The Unnamed'. There's brilliant and unsettling poetry from Robin Robertson, who reads from his latest collection, 'The Wrecking Light', and live music from post-soul pin-up girl, Tawiah. Patrick and Elliott wax and wane.

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Book Slam Podcast 23 (in the company of Jon McGregor, Dan Antopolski, Josephine Oniyama and Francesca Beard)

The 23rd Book Slam podcast gets busy with the fizzy alongside one of the UK's finest young writers, Jon McGregor, celebrating the publication of his new novel, 'Even The Dogs'. There is also magical music from Josephine Oniyama, perspicacious poetry from Francesca Beard and inspired comic nonsense from Dan Antopolski. Patrick and Elliott are not funny, but appear to enjoy themselves.

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