This podcast is from the Book Slam literary club night in London and features live readings, performances and interviews from the event. Check for more details.
Book Slam Podcast 56 (with Caitlin Moran, Matt Haig, Ross Sutherland and Soak)

The 56th Book Slam Podcast includes MATT HAIG expressing an alien view of 'The Humans', ROSS SUTHERLAND dedicating a poem to someone very special, simply beautiful music from the extraordinary SOAK, and CAITLIN MORAN on being late for the Prime Minister. Patrick is taking ibuprofen, Elliott notes that the drugs don't work.

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Book Slam Podcast 53 (with Aidan Moffat, Tim Key, Dan Rhodes, Nikesh Shukla and Francesca Beard)

Book Slam's 53rd podcast sees us put the 'anti' into 'Valantine's day' (sic) as Dan Rhodes launches his excellent collection of short stories, 'Marry Me', Aidan Moffat sings songs about swinging, and Tim Key makes us all feel slightly mad. There's also a snippet of our friend Nikesh Shukla reading his story from 'Too Much Too Young: Book Slam Vol. II' at the very first Book Slam Bristol (hear that country air!). Elliott is Cupid, Patrick is stupid.

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Book Slam Podcast 49 (with Zadie Smith, Doc Brown, Piers Faccini and Keaton Henson)

Much of the 49th Book Slam podcast may or may not have been recorded in a storm drain. But, never mind the quality, feel the width as we hear Zadie Smith read from and discuss her new novel, 'NW', and her little brother, Doc Brown, tell some stories of his own about growing up on the mean streets of Nort' Weezy. There's music from the brilliant Piers Faccini and poetry from the artistic polyglot that is Keaton Henson. Patrick literally dons his pith helmet while Elliott metaphorically bombards him with conkers.

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Book Slam Podcast 48 (with Mark Watson, Caroline Bird, Nicholas Lezard and Mahalia)

The 48th Book Slam podcast is not just an attempt to board the Olympic bandwagon. Oh no. It includes comedian, novelist and medallist of charming self-deprecation, Mark Watson, reading from and discussing his new novel, 'The Knot'; official Olympic poet, Caroline Bird; and the jaw-dropping talent that is 14 year-old singer-songwriter, Mahalia (or, as we call her, 'the legacy'). There is also Nicholas Lezard reading from his work in progress, 'The Nolympics', which, for all its good sense, may yet turn out to have judged the public mood about as well as Aidan Burley. Salena is bidding for Olympic glory, Elliott is bidding for a Breville on eBay.

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Book Slam Podcast 47 (with Marina Lewycka, Chris Cleave, Tanya Auclair, Lemn Sissay and more)

The 47th Book Slam podcast finds Elliott Jack and Salena Godden reading woodenly from what may be loosely described as a 'script'. They soon warm up, however, thanks to top dollar music from Tanya Auclair and Purple Ferdinand, top drawer prose from Chris Cleave and Marina Lewycka and top shelf poetry from Lemn Sissay and Roger Robinson. Elliott is a mild-mannered janitor, Salena is Hong Kong Phooey

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Book Slam Podcast 41 (with David Nicholls, Luke Wright, Sophie Woolley and much more)

The 41st Book Slam podcast is a shambolic affair brought to you live from the launch of 'One For The Trouble'. Patrick and Elliott are to blame. Fortunately, there remains much to enjoy as David Nicholls reads from and discusses 'One Day' for (possibly?) the last time, Luke Wright delivers an alliterative account of the Essex estuary and there are interviews with Bernardine Evaristo, Richard Milward and Mark Strong about why they got involved in the Book Slam Annual.

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Book Slam Podcast 36 (with Jon Ronson, Francesca Beard and Hannah Peel)

The 36th edition of the Book Slam podcast features the heroic Jon Ronson (pictured trying to escape) reading from his new book, 'The Psychopath Test', and fighting the fatigue of a rampaging bandwagon; our old sparring partner Francesca Beard showcasing some of her latest poems; and live music from the delightful Hannah Peel. Patrick waxes lyrical, Elliott waxes his scooter.

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Bonus Book Slam podcast with Joe Dunthorne

This month, we thought we'd give you a little bonus for being so good. This is Joe Dunthorne, author of the acclaimed 'Submarine', reading a 'choose your own adventure' story at Book Slam. It's very rude. For that, of course, you must blame the audience.

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