This podcast is from the Book Slam literary club night in London and features live readings, performances and interviews from the event. Check for more details.
Book Slam Podcast 22 (featuring Lionel Shriver, Andreya Triana, Robin Ince, Paul Lyalls and more) Book Slam's 22nd episode waves goodbye to the decade fun forgot in the company of Orange Prize winner, Lionel Shriver, reading from 'We Need To Talk About Kevin' and discussing her new novel, 'A Perfectly Good Family', poet Paul Lyalls, celebrating the publication of his first full collection, 'Catching The Cascade', the haunting minstrelsy of Ninja Tune's Andreya Triana and the razor sharp wit of comedian, Robin Ince.  Patrick and Elliott glue it all together with the competence of an 8 year-old with an Airfix.
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Book Slam Podcast 21 (featuring Will Boyd, Roger McGough, Don Paterson, David Vann and more) Book Slam's podcast turns twenty-one and, in return for the key of the door, we've come up with a literary bouillabaise featuring novelistic heavyweights like William Boyd (discussing his new book, 'Ordinary Thunderstorms') and David Vann ('Legend Of A Suicide'), poetic heavyweights like Don Paterson and Roger McGough, and intellectual lightweights like Patrick and Elliott.
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Book Slam Podcast 20 (celebrating Speech Debelle's Mercury win, plus James Lever, Steve Toltz and Inua Ellams) We're celebrating Speech Debelle's Mercury Music Prize victory on episode 20 of the Book Slam podcast; plus an interview and reading from Booker-longlisted author of 'Me Cheeta', James Lever, poetry from Inua Ellams and more. Hosted by les idiots savants, Patrick and Elliott.
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Book Slam Podcast 19 (with David Nicholls, author of 'One Day', Luke Wright, Salena Godden and Lettie) The nineteenth episode of the Book Slam podcast is one of the best yet, featuring live music from the amazing Lettie, poetry from saucy Salena Godden and the alternative laureate Luke Wright, plus the charming David Nicholls, author of the bestselling 'One Day'. Hosted by Patrick and Elliott. 
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Book Slam Podcast 18 (featuring creator of The Wire, David Simon, Booker-shortlisted Steve Toltz, Speech Debelle and more) The eighteenth edition of the Book Slam podcast is a bumper episode featuring David Simon, creator of 'The Wire', reading from 'Homicide' and, later, discussing his work, Booker-shortlisted novelist, Steve Toltz, talking about 'A Fraction Of The Whole', poetry from Zena Edwards, wisdom from Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and live music from Bana Etike and hip hop ingenue, Speech Debelle.
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Book Slam Podcast 17 (featuring John Niven, Scroobius Pip, Dockers MC, Tim Clare, the Safires and more) Podcast seventeen from Book Slam is a 'real rock 'n' rolla' ... whatever the hell that means. It features John Niven reading from 'Kill Your Friends', 'cover poetry' from Dockers MC, the estimable accidental popstar Scroobius Pip, aspirational auteur, Tim Clare, and drum 'n' folk from intranational newcomers The Safires. Hosted by Patrick and Elliott.
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Book Slam Podcast 16 (featuring Hanif Kureishi, Nick Laird, Delta Maid, Gemma Weeks, Bridgette Amofah and more) The sixteenth Book Slam podcast is a bumper edition featuring the inimitable Hanif Kureishi, Nick Laird discussing 'Glover's Mistake', poetry from Gemma Weekes, microdrama from Craig Taylor, and live music from Delta Maid and Bridgette Amofah. Hosted with typically disingenuous bonhomie by Patrick and Elliott.
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Book Slam Podcast 15 (with Britain's brightest young novelists, Joe Dunthorne, Richard Milward, Chris Killen and Ross Raisin) This Book Slam podcast includes interviews with Joe Dunthorne and Chris Killen, plus Ross Raisin reading from 'God's Own Country' (Penguin) and Richard Milward reading from 'Ten Storey Love Song' (Faber). There's also quirky comedy from Ginger and Black and the usual tomfoolery and geograhical uncertainty from Patrick and Elliott.
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Book Slam Podcast 14 (with Sam and Jesse from Peep Show, Roger Robinson and an interview with author, Vesna Maric) The Book Slam podcast includes interviews and performances from the event, this month including 'Peep Show' writers, Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, Roger Robinson and Malika Booker. Plus an interview with Vesna Maric, author of the exceptional memoir, 'Bluebird', and a review of Joe Dunthorne's 'Submarine' by Book Slam listener, Claire O'Brien. Patrick takes charge, Elliott takes the mick, both support the Apples and Snakes ground-breaking 'TwoFive' release.
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